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World Cup Party Essentials 2014

The World Cup is only 2 months away and we all know that Football + Summer = Party! And what better way to enjoy the World Cup than inviting around your friends and family for lots of drinks, food, music and a great atmosphere!

England’s first match kicks off on the 14th of June at 23:00GMT – Late, we know, but hey, it’s a Saturday. So why not light up the BBQ, slip on the apron and head out into the garden for a BBQ/garden party? By the time the party is cooling down and moving indoors it’ll be time for kick-off – Sorted.

So what are the World Cup party essentials I hear you ask? – Well luckily we’ve created a list of all the must haves for throwing a hassle free, no mess, World Cup Party.


thumbnailEngland Flags – What’s a World Cup party without a few England flags swinging gracefully in the breeze? SportsDirect have a massive range – Be sure to check them out.

Face Paints – A World Cup without face paints is no World Cup at all – Perhaps try a Kiss inspired England design?

Instruments – The Vuvuzela is so 2010. This year they’ve been replaced with the Caxirola – A percussion instrument originating from Brazil.

Food and Drink

thumbnailBBQ – Portable BBQs are the cheapest, however if you plan to take outdoor cooking to the next level, invest in the best!

Utensils – We’ve all done it, organised a BBQ and forgot to bring the utensils. So instead of burning your fingers every time you need to flip a burger, make sure you have them in!

Paper Plates, Plastic Cups and Cutlery – The great thing about BBQ’s is that there’s no need to be neat. So long as people have plates they’re happy. And the most wonderful thing about paper plates and plastic cutlery - No washing up!

Large Bucket / Tub - To save your guests trawling backwards and forwards to the fridge, a large bucket/tub is a must. Fill it with ice and cold water, pop your drinks in and Ta-Da! Insta-Fridge!

Nibbles – We know it’s a BBQ party, but that doesn’t mean nibbles shouldn’t be invited too. Stock up on nuts, crisps and all other finger snacks to give something for your guests to graze on in-between burgers.



thumbnailMusic – As the host you’ll no doubt be busy with the BBQ, so entertainment is a must. Relive the memories of past World Cups with a World Cup play-list. Who wouldn’t want to join in singing “Three Lions on a shirt!" by Baddiel, Skinner & The Lightning Seeds or “We’re on the Ball" by Ant and Dec?

If all goes to plan your party should be amazing! And hopefully the party will continue once England take a win. We can hope!