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Winter Vs. Summer Sun – When Is The Best Time to Holiday?

thumbnailEach year thousands of brits take to the skies for a holiday in the sun, typically over the school  summer holidays. But, can you find a better deal or have a more enjoyable time if you travel during the colder months? This blog will look at the benefits of holidaying during peak times as well as out of season.
When travelling abroad during the summer you are pretty much guaranteed glorious hot weather. When you book up your summer holidays you can safely say the temperatures will be high enough for a good tan, which means you’ll only be packing thin layers and a few items of swimwear. Packing lightly gives you the opportunity to avoid those extra baggage costs with the airline. You can easily pack enough clothes for a week in the sun in your hand luggage and put the pennies you save on baggage costs towards your spending money.
Do you have much preference on your summer holiday destination? If not, last minute deals are great! Plan which dates you would like to travel and set yourself a budget, then a week or so before search up the best deal at a fraction of the cost. We all know there is a lot of demand for holidays during the summer, so you can guarantee there will be lots of flights going to all of the popular destinations. 
During this peak season the atmosphere and nightlife will be booming! The social aspect of summer holidays is great and there are hundreds of people to make friends and have a good time with. All of the top attractions and local activities will be open for your entertainment so there will always be something to keep you busy. 
There are lots of other families and children in all of the resorts, so if you are away with kids of your own, there will be plenty of other children for them to play with and keep them entertained all week. 
Winter sun means the weather will still be pleasant and warm, and is ideal for those people who suffer in strong temperatures with skin conditions or fair skin tones. The slightly cooler temperatures can be much more comfortable than high heats that are sometimes unbearable. 
As you can imagine, during the winter months the demand for holidays drop dramatically, and good news for you, so do the prices. You can shop around for the perfect location and hotel and book it at a great price compared to the same holiday in the height of summer. 
As there are less people travelling you can guarantee an easy check in and less hanging around in endless queues before you board the plane. There will be far less people waiting to collect baggage when you land, so you can pick up your cases and head off to your accommodation in a fraction of the usual waiting time. 
The top attractions and highlights of the country you’re staying in will be much quieter than during the summer, so you will be able to spend more time sight seeing and soaking up the local culture without moving through crowds and waiting in queues along with fellow tourists. 
On the whole a holiday in the winter sun will be a lot more relaxing and you can enjoy your entire stay in piece. There will be no rush for sun loungers and the hotel staff can provide a much more personal service as they have less guests to attend to. If you are away with children it will be much easier to keep an eye on them as there will only be a few other guests instead of tens of other kids running around and splashing in the pool at the same time!