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Why is Tony Hawk the Only Skateboarder You Have Heard of?

He’s Appeared in the Simpsons

The crowning moment for anyone considering themselves a celebrity is appearing in the long running cartoon. In 2003 he appeared in the episode ‘Barting Over’ in which he shares a loft apartment with Bart, and has a skate off with Homer.

The Tony Hawk Pro Skater Series

Critically acclaimed for their great gameplay and amazing soundtracks, he appears on every front cover. Alongside this he also had creative input, making sure they captured the sport correctly.

The series taught our fourteen year old selves  important life lessons such as combos and letter locations being so much easier to remember than any useful fact, and that being a professional skater is extremely difficult. We have all attempted  an ollie in real life, and have all fallen flat on our faces.


Landing the Elusive 900 Trick

Billed as one of the most difficult tricks in skateboarding, Tony Hawk was the very first to land it back in 1999. Comprising of two and half revolutions in the air after launching off a ramp, it requires intense skill to be able to land it. While thirteen other skaters have completed it since, it’s always the first people remember.

Film  T.V Shows and Books

Tony Hawk has appeared in numerous film's and T.V shows, as well as hosting a weekly show on Sirius XM. His autobiography was also a New York times best seller. If this wasn’t enough he has picked up numerous awards over the years including the Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards and Teen Choice awards for best male athlete.

Social Media Following

Unlike some of the worlds biggest celebrities he manages all of his social accounts himself, which ensures  he can directly interact with his fans. This gives them an insight into the sport he knows and loves through videos and photos. The 6 million fans he has amassed on Facebook, and the 4 million followers on twitter are absolute proof of this.

Charity Work

Tony Hawk has given back to the skating community through, donating 5 million dollars to help build over 550 skate parks around the world in low income areas. He has created places the skating community can be a part of, no matter what their background is.

If you want to see Tony Hawk and the Birdhouse crew live, we are currently giving the opportunity for lucky skate fans to win tickets to see them perform on 11/07/2015 at NAAS Festival, Somerset.  You will need to hurry though as the competition closes 9:30am 09/07/2015. To find out how to enter as well as the full terms and conditions click here.