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Why Andy Murray Can Win Wimbledon 2015

Andy Murray has told the nation that he is in the best form of his life… getting us all hoping for a 2015 victory for the Scot. And we think he can do it! Here’s why… 


He Thinks He Can 

You can’t win something if you don’t think you can. His confidence is certainly rubbing off on us. Plus, who would be so confident without reason when the whole nation is watching their every move? That would be awkward.


Just look at his face... confidence. 

He’s Already Had Several Victories This Year

If he hadn't done so well at gathering titles this year already, then our faith in him might not be as strong. He has already won the Bavarian International Tennis Championships, the Madrid Open and Queens Club Championship.


His Game Speaks For Itself 

Have you seen him play recently? Boy, got game. After recovering from his surgery and failure to beat ultimate rival Novak Djokovic several times throughout 2014, he has worked hard to ensure that doesn’t happen this summer. And if we’re going off the Queen’s… it looks promising. 


His Personal Life is on Point

Since getting hitched, Murray has lost just one game and won 20. The scot even claimed that this is a massive help to his game because he has no emotional ups and downs to distract his form. 


Clay or Grass? It Doesn’t Really Matter To Our Lad, Murray

Many players dislike playing on grass in comparison to playing on clay, they simply find it more tackling. But Murray doesn’t even seem to flinch. In fact he has even claimed that the grass courts are better suited to his game! With his number one threat (Novak) lacking in that grass confidence, it only gives us more that he can succeed. 


The Nation Is Behind Him

There is nothing quite like getting the home advantage of a huge crowd showing their support to the player and the game. And who wouldn’t want him to win, really?


You go Andy Murray!