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What Bike Is Best For You?

You’ll have probably noticed that when it comes to bike shopping, there’s an ever growing range of bikes available in any local bike store or on the internet. Some of the options available vary massively in price and design, making it difficult to judge what’s the best option for your cycling needs. With Christmas coming round quick, we’ve got together the best bikes available, from the cycling novice to the seasoned mountain biker.

For Off-Roading

Any adventurer knows that when you’re pushing yourself to the limits you would rather be doing it with equipment that will make you feel as content as possible. This is no different for mountain bikers. Although you can’t always avoid the bumps, you may as well ride over them as comfortably as you can.

For beginners looking to really get into cycling, we would recommend the Dunlop DS26 Mountain Bike. With plenty of high spec features, this bike has a lot packed in for the price. Kitted out with 18 speed twist grip gears, riding over different types of terrains is made a whole lot east. From a flat road to a slow hill climb, any rider knows that these two situations require a quick gear change that the DS26 can manage.

The DS26 also comes with a dual suspension frame which will come in handy when the terrain gets a bit rough. The added rear suspension makes it easier to navigate over obstacles by maintaining traction and preventing you from spinning out, something you really don’t need when climbing a steep hill.

Dunlop DS26 Mountain Bike: Click here to buy

If you’re a seasoned adventurer looking for a serious piece of kit then look no further than the MFX A Pure Breed Rascal. It’s comes with loads of great stuff as standard, including the lightweight alloy dual suspension frame which means that you won’t have to compromise speed for comfort any longer.

This off roader also comes with 24 speed Shimano Alivio gears which will see you wave goodbye to uncomfortable gear changes and leave you purring at how quick and smooth you will be able to change from now on. The MFX Rascal just keeps on giving with its Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, giving you the confidence to stop no matter what terrain or gradient you’re traveling on.

MFX A Pure Breed Rascal: Click here to buy

For the commuter...

Commuting to work can often be time consuming, meaning it’s essential to find a bike you’re happy with. For long commutes, the road bike is the option that will suit daily travel. With larger wheels and a lightweight design your travel time will be cut down significantly. Road bikes also have back swept handlebars which means that whilst riding along you will be in a more aerodynamic position without even realising. With all this in mind we have decided to go for the Dunlop Explore Tourer 700c as it has a comfort saddle for those long bumpy rides (thanks to all the potholes). The Tourer is also equipped with a pannier rack to allow you to take everything you need to work without worrying about whether it will fit or not.

Dunlop Explore Tourer 700c: Click here to buy

For the skate park...

We haven’t left the extremists out amongst you and if you're into extreme biking then you’ll know that you’ll be wanting a very specific type of bike to deal with the conditions. Your bike of choice will naturally be a BMX – equipped with an upright handlebar which will assist your steering and become particularly useful when landing jumps. The BMX also has a much heavier, more robust frame to handle the stress that larger frames may struggle to deal with. After taking into consideration the demands of a BMX rider that we have previously discussed, we’d recommend something like the Muddyfox Bozo – not only does it look good, but it’s also got the spec that the professionals look for. On this bike you’ll be able to pull off your favourite stunts with the 360-degree gyro system, but also let you get round the race track as quickly as possible thanks to the 3-piece crack set.

Muddyfox Bozo: Click here to buy