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Travel Essentials Everyone Forgets

thumbnailYou know that niggling feeling when you may have forgotten something on the way to your luxurious summer holiday. It annoys you all the way from home until you get on the plane where the missing item suddenly dawns on you. You have forgotten the essential travel adapter, charger or sun lotion. You will remember to bring your travel essentials this summer using our guide.

Travel insurance is an important element that tourists overlook. If you are planning on going go-karting, skiing or doing other sports, the travel insurance needs to cover this activity as without it if you get injured, you may not have the insurance cover to get you home again.

Another item that tourists forget is the adapter. Travel adapters can be used to convert power requirements and sock configuration. has European travel adapters, visitor travel adapters and trans-world travel adapters to use on your travels.

People always remember to pack their phone or camera, but sometimes forget the all important charger causing the phone or camera dies during the holiday. An easy way around this situation is to buy a one-use camera or a cheap mobile phone to use while you are on your holiday. The Veho Pebble Smart Stick charger on can also provide your phone, MP3 player or camera with one additional charge.

A spare towel is useful if your hotel doesn’t offer any towels or you need a towel for beach trips. The towel should be a thin towel so it can easily fit in to your suitcase. You can get a top quality towel from

Protecting your sun in a warm country is a high priority to prevent sun burn. If the country you are travelling to is very warm, you should apply sun lotion before you get off of the plane. has LifeSystems SPF 25 or 50 sun protection to protect your skin from the sun.

A great alternative to water and soap, hand sanitiser kills 99% of germs so it is ideal as for washing your hands on the move to prevent future sicknesses and illnesses. Make sure you have a bottle under 100 ml for the airline liquid restrictions. We offer a 50ml hand gel sanitiser.

An essential for any family travelling overseas, the first aid kit can be helpful if your kid falls injuries himself or herself on the holiday. The first aid kit should include bandages, plasters, insect repellent, antiseptic wipes, antihistamine and pain killers. Be prepared for any minor injury on your holiday with the LifeSystems pocket first aid kit from

What travel essentials do you always forget? has a large range of luggage made by great brands such as Kangol, Ocean Pacific and Airwalk to make your holiday or trip as enjoyable as possible. Check out the latest news and offers on the official Facebook and Twitter pages.