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Top Accessories For Blinging Up Your iPhone

It’s the most popular mobile phone in the world, so it goes without saying that iPhone users have a wealth of accessories open to them. Some are bordering on the ridiculous, but others can make your handset the envy of all onlookers.

If you’re looking for the latest way to stream your phone’s content to your TV, or for the most futuristic docking station, this post isn’t for you. Instead, we’re going to look at four types of accessories that directly link to the handset and can transform the iPhone experience for any user. Here goes…

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The Character Case

There are some things that we grow out of, but character cases (generally) don’t fall into this category. Walking around with Superman or Batman blaring out from your iPhone case is something that even the most mature person couldn’t begrudge and you only have to look at some of the character cases listed here to see that there really are no boundaries. There is absolutely no comparison when such themes are pitted against that standard, white casing.

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The Character Headphones

On the subject of staying in character, it’s time to leave the standard iPhone earphones in the box. Instead, take to character again and potentially match up your Superman case with a pair of headphones with the same superhero. It’s all about moving away from being the standardized Apple user, and instead injecting some necessary colour and character, in the other sense of the word, into your phone.

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Walk and Talk

Admittedly, this isn’t going to apply to every reader, but the exercise-savvy iPhone user is more than adequately catered for these days. While character armbands are not really available, all of the major fitness manufacturers have released colourful versions which allow users to easily carry their phone whilst going on a run. They’re great for music enthusiasts – or just those iPhone owners who simply must check for messages on one of their rest periods.

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The Screen Protector

One of the most unfortunate ways in which a lot of iPhone owners customize their handset is through the infamous cracked screen. This is a phone which seems to attract the dreaded crack more than any other, although there are now cheap and cheerful products which can guard against it. Some are as simple as a thin piece of plastic, while others will be incorporated into the case and give even the most clumsy owner the chance to live a crack-free life.