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Top 5 Tents for Festival Beginners

Festival season is officially in full swing, and for those of you experiencing it for the first time, it’s particularly exciting. But before you start divulging into the fashion and music, it’s important to make sure you don’t spend the weekend sleeping in mud (because let’s face it, rain is probable). So here is a list of the top five tents for all festival beginners.

1) Gelert Scout 2 Person Tent


This two man tent is perfect for letting in the fresh air, but keeping you dry. There is nothing worse than going to sleep in thousands of layers, desperately trying to keep warm and waking up in your own sweat.

2) Gelert Rocky 2 Tent


If you’re looking for something slightly more glamorous, aka somewhere to put your stuff that isn't on top of you, then this two man tent is ideal. With a front porch, you will have a comfortable night’s sleep, without having to use your rucksack as a pillow. 

3) Gelert Quickpitch Pop Up 3 persons Deluxe Tent


Of course, sometimes pitching a tent just isn't for you, and Gelert have the perfect solution. Spacious enough for three people, you can have your tent ready in seconds with this pop up product, leaving you more time to enjoy the festivities. 

4) Gelert Quickpitch Pop Up 2 persons Tent


There is nothing more confusing than trying to find your tent amongst the crowd. So, this pop up comes in a variety of colours to help you avoid losing it amongst a sea of green and black. 

5) Gelert Scout 2 Bundle



Sometimes, it can just be easier to get everything in one go, especially if you’re a last minute kind of planner. With this bundle containing one tent, two sleeping bags, two sleeping mats and two camping pillows, the only thing you need to worry about is your outfits… and that’s obviously more important.