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Taking Up Horse Riding

Horse riding has been a popular sport for many years and is enjoyed my men and women of all ages. According to the BETA National Equestrian Survey, 3.5 million people in great Britain have ridden a horse at least once in the past 12 months. The number of male riders has risen over the past 10 years, however there is still a large divide with 73% of riders being female. Leisure riding is the most common equestrian pursuit, however the number of people taking riding lessons has risen since 2010. The estimated horse population in Great Britain is just below 1 million and the average cost to maintain a horse is £3105.

In 2012, London hosted the 30th quadrennial Olympics in which equestrian was one of the sports involved. Great Britain came away with 2 gold medals in the individual and team dressage, a bronze in the individual dressage, a silver in the team eventing and another gold in the team show jumping. The Olympics had a huge influence on adults and children alike and has since inspired hundreds of people to take up new sports such as horse riding.

There are several types of equestrian activities such as dressage, polocrosse, show jumping, vaulting, endurance or eventing, which is a combination of three events, dressage, show jumping and cross country over fixed fences. Many first timers begin with lessons and treks to get used to riding the horse and how to maintain the animal. Once you’ve learnt more about horse riding and built up your confidence, you can then go into more adventurous styles of equestrian activity.

Horse riding is a fantastic form of exercise, not only is it a fun and enjoyable activity you can partake in with friends, but it is a great source of exercise. Horse riding builds up your fitness and strength without you really noticing. Riding such a large, muscular animal requires a lot of strength and confidence to control it. Even activities such as mucking out will count towards a moderate intensity work out!

When riding a horse there is no strict dress code, other than feeling comfortable. However, there are lots of equestrian style clothing designed for horse riding along with riding boots, hats and accessories. There is also a range of accessories for the horse, such as rugs, grooming kits and saddle pads available.

Riding a horse can be a lot of fun and there is lots for beginners to learn about both riding and taking care of the horse. Make sure your fully prepared and check out our amazing range of equestrian products.