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Summer Style: Hats and Caps

Everyone is eager for a scorcher of a summer, and if the Daily Mails headlines of a “Summer Heatwave" are anything to go by then we had better get prepared! We Brits enjoy the sun, there’re no arguments there. In fact we probably enjoy it a bit too much. We all know those couples who disappear to Lanzarote for a week and come back 12 skin shades darker than when they flew out. The trouble is, this kind of sun exposure isn’t good, especially year after year. When sun protection is mentioned, our instant thought is “oh no, here comes the sun police", however sun protection is something that really should be at the forefront of our minds, especially when we go abroad.

Hats are a great method of protecting our faces, ears and scalp from prolonged sun exposure, however there are an insanely large number of styles to choose from, these include:

The Cowboy/Cowgirl hat

A great hat for a casual look. Cowboy style hats have been used for centuries in the American Wild West with good reason, they provide fantastic all round cover for the face, neck and ears.

The Outback Hat

Think Crocodile Dundee and you’ll be thinking of an Outback Hat. Used for generations in the Australian outback, these hats have proven their use many times over. If it’s all-round protection you need, then you can’t go wrong with an Outback hat.

The Bucket hat

Bucket hats offer fantastic sun protection and have the added benefit of being able to be folded up and put in a pocket.

The Cap

The cap is a popular, casual hat that predominantly protects the face, keeping the sun out of the eyes. Caps are available in a wide range of styles including the:

Baseball/Curved brim Cap - The most casual cap of them all. The curved brimmed hat is not necessarily used as a fashion item, in fact it more closely resembles the “rolled out of bed" look. The curved brim hat provides great face and eye protection, and with the right get-up can create a fantastic chilled out look.

Flat Brim Cap - Once the primary choice for rappers, the flat brimmed cap has made its way into popular culture. Unlike the baseball cap, the flat brimmed cap is used primarily as a fashion item, perfect for that urban look.

Flat Cap - The flatcap, also known as the Gatsby cap, was once associated primarily with farmers and gruff yorkshiremen. However recently these hats are becoming increasing urbanised allowing for a smart, stylish look.

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