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Skate Your Way Through the Summer Holidays

With the sun shining and the days endless, skating is a great way for kids to keep active outside, even if it's just popping to the shops! Here's our guide to different skates and protective gear to help your child make the most of the Summer holidays!

There are many ways to begin your skating experience and the first decision to be made is how many wheels do you want? Two or four and structured in a square or line?

Those fancying the two wheel approach will be looking to the style of skate that has the appearance of a regular shoe but with the function to have two wheels on the heel in order to make the task of walking just that little more smooth sailing. These attractive shoes won’t be the best choice for those looking to take up skating at a speed but they might be a nice idea for those looking to try their hand at skating for the first time.

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The four wheel approach to skating can come in the form of quad skates or inline. The quad skates are designed in that of a square on the bottom of the foot so as to allow stability when standing or skating. These a great starter skate for children that may have not tried before giving them confidence in a new skill. Fitted with either a front or back stopper allowing for easy braking and complete control for your child.

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Once your kid has mastered the quad skate the next step is the four wheeled inline skate. This skate has four wheels in a line underfoot and requires balance whilst using them. Also fitted with a back break stopper these fun skates will see your child getting around outside with speed and ease.

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Whilst learning this skill it is also important to kit your child out with the suitable safety equipment. This includes a helmet, gloves, knee, elbow and wrist guards. These will ensure your child remains confident throughout their summer whilst having fun on their new skates. There are even local roller discos to attend which can make skating a more sociable skill!

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An the skating fun doesn’t have to end with just the kids. If you fancy learning a new skill with your children and having some fun whilst doing so then be sure to check out the adult men’s and ladies skates that are also available.