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Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Premier League Goal Records!

There is a total of 12 points up for grabs, with each answer and bonus question worth one point. We will be extremely impressed if you can get all 12!

Question 1

This player is not only the top scorer in Premier League history but he also holds the record for most hat tricks with 11.

Question 2

This ex-Manchester United player has scored the most free kicks in the Premier League.

Question 3

This ex-Arsenal striker is the only Premier League player to score a hat trick against the same team in both the home and away game of a season. A bonus point if you can name the team it was against.

Question 4

Last season this Southampton player broke the record for the fastest ever hat trick when he scored three goals against Aston Villa in 2 minutes and 56 seconds. A bonus point if you can name the ex-Liverpool and Leeds United striker that had held the record since 1994.

Question 5

In May 2015 this player scored his 47th header for Stoke City and overtook Alan Shearer with the most headed goals in the Premier League.

Question 6

This player has scored the most Premier League goals from outside the box, with a total of 33.

Question 7

This unlucky defender has the unfortunate record of scoring the most own goals in Premier League history. He had spells at QPR, Manchester City and Aston Villa.

Question 8

Norwich City fans are not fond of this ex-Liverpool striker. He holds the record for most hat tricks against a single team scoring a total of three against Norwich.

Question 9

While this player is the oldest ever Premier League goal scorer, he is also famous for the goal he scored in the 1999 Champions League final for Manchester United.

Question 10

At 16 years and 270 days this player became the youngest ever Premier League scorer when he scored for Everton against Crystal Palace in 2005. He currently plays for Huddersfield Town.

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1.Alan Shearer, 2. David Beckham, 3. Emmanuel Adebayor, Bonus Point: Derby County, 4. Sadio Mane, Bonus Point: Robbie Fowler, 5. Peter Crouch, 6. Frank Lampard, 7. Richard Dunne, 8. Luis Suarez, 9. Teddy Sheringham, 10. James Vaughan.

All data correct as of November 2015!