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Premier League Review: Which Boots Should You Buy This Season?

Choosing your next pair of boots is no easy task. We have attempted to simplify the process, using Premier league stats from last season. We have included the highest scoring, top assisting, as well as, the boots that have made the most successful tackles. The aim is to provide recommendations on which boot you should buy, based on the position you play.

Goal Scorer Boots

Goal Stats: Provided by Soccer Bible

The highest scoring boots overall last season, were the Nike Mercurial with 213 goals. In second were the adidas F50’s with 162 goals, and the Nike Magista rounds out the top 3 with 115.



Number of Players Wearing Boot

Goals Per Player

Puma EvoSpeed




Nike Mercurial




Nike Hypervenom




Adidas F50 adizero




Nike Magista













Interestingly, Aguero’s EvoSpeeds and Kane’s Hypervenom boots do not feature in the top 3 overall scoring boots. The table above shows the average amount of goals scored per player wearing each boot. Using this measurement, the Puma EvoSpeeds come out on top with a staggering 5.25 goals per player. Aguero himself got 26 of those 63 Puma goals, and removing his goals lowers the average significantly. The Hypervenoms move into third place with a respectable 2.36 goals per player, and the Nike Mercurial achieves an impressive 3.13 goals per player.

Based on the stats overall, the Mercurial looks to be the best scoring boot, with the highest volume, and second highest average of goals scored. This makes it an ideal goal scorer’s boot.

Playmaker Boots

Assist Stats: Provided by Fox Sports

With the most assists overall, the adidas F50 comes out on top. The majority of players in the premier league last season (34%) wore Adidas F50 boots, which could explain their dominance.

Cesc Fabregas topped the player chart with 18 assists from his Puma EvoPower boots. The Spaniard was also the only player to get any assists in the Puma EvoPower boots, which explains why they have not made an appearance in the top 3 overall assist chart.

The table below shows the average assists per player wearing each boot. The adidas F50’s come out on top here as well, with an impressive return of 1.20 assists per player. This makes the boot ideal for wingers and attacking midfielders. Despite a strong performance from the F50’s last season, they have since been replaced with the adidas X and Ace range. It will be really interesting to see if these statistics will be bettered next season by the new ranges.



Number of Players Wearing Boot

Assists Per Player

adidas F50 adizero




Nike Hypervenom




Nike Mercurial




Nike Magista











The Puma EvoSpeeds make another top three appearance, helping Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla achieve 11 assists for the season. The top three overall assists are dominated by Puma, but only three players wearing Puma boots (Cazorla, Aguero and Fabregas) made any assists. Some arguments for this are that first of all, less players wear Puma boots, and the EvoPower boot is usually worn by deeper lying players like Nemanja Matic. In sheer volume though it is Nike and Adidas that come out on top in regards to attacking play.

Defensive Boots

Tackle stats: Provided by Sky Sports

To measure the defensive aspect of the different boots, we used most successful tackles throughout the season, and Puma comes out on top again. Nemanja Matic made 129 successful tackles in the Puma EvoPower boots. He narrowly beat Nathaniel Clyne and George Boyd of Burnley on 115, and 114 respectively. Clyne’s 115 tackles, alongside his efficient performances over the season, were most likely a major factor in sealing his move to Liverpool during the summer.


Puma’s dominance in all three sections, may just show that Puma is good at picking the right players to showcase it’s boot range. New Balance made no appearances, but as the newest entrant to the market, it will definitely be a brand to watch this season. The boot that did best overall in all three of our categories were the adidas F50 boots. If you are someone who plays in a variety of positions, this boot could be the boot for you.

For attack minded midfielders and strikers, you can’t go far wrong with boots from any brand, whether it be the Puma EvoSpeed, Nike Hypervenom, Nike Mercurial or adidas F50. All of these boots have a proven track record of producing goals and assists. The Hypervenom was also highlighted as the boot for goal scorers!

For deep lying midfielders and defenders, the Puma EvoPower boot came top of our tackling chart, but the Nike Magista, which ranked third for overall goals, is another solid defensive option. The F50 which also ranked in all three sections, is worth considering, despite it being replaced this season.

Most importantly, which boots you buy comes down to your own personal preference, and what you prefer in terms of design, fit and feel. Make sure you go for the boots that suit your style of play best, letting your talent show how good they are!

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