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Pick the Perfect Ski Jacket for your Trip this Spring!


Skiing in the Spring can bring all different kinds of weather, with longer days and warmer temperatures it’s wise to get your suitcase prepared for temperamental ski weather. The key to staying comfortable whilst up on the slopes is to find the perfect ski jacket. We’ve created a guide to finding a ski jacket to suit all your needs as well as accommodating the changing weather for a Spring ski trip!

Stay waterproof. One thing you can guarantee is wonderfully wet snow, so don’t cut corners on your waterproof gear. There are plenty of up to date fabric technologies on the market right now to make sure you stay as dry as possible without paying over the odds; look for the GORE-TEX and eVent logos on tags and online to compare the waterproof ratings.

Stay warm. Yes, even with the sun on your face and Springtime yelling at you from the resort, it will still be pretty cold up on the slopes. It’s always handy to check the weather forecast beforehand so you can pack accordingly, but the best items for tackling the changing climate are 3in1 jackets, gilets, waterproof soft shell jackets and base layer clothes.

Layers are the best way to regulate your temperature whilst you’re out on the runs, so don’t dive in for an all singing and dancing bulky jacket; start from the bottom up and team your base layer tops with a waterproof mid layer and a gilet to keep your arms free to move. Most 3in1 jackets, or system jackets, come with a removable fleece inner, so if the weather calls for a quick change you can adapt without too much fuss.

Flexibility. Unless you plan to stand and watch from the bottom, you’re going to need a flexible jacket to keep you on your feet. The more lightweight and breathable, the more comfortable you’ll be so avoid big down jackets and puffa jackets which have padding around the arms.