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Mayweather v Pacquiao: The Lowdown

Every now and again there is a bout that gets the whole world talking and on May 2, that occasion has come round again. It’s the most eagerly anticipated fight of all time and to get you in the mood for it we've got every stat that you could possibly want to know. We’re sure that this fight will get all the boxing enthusiasts dusting off their old gloves and make a lot more of the casual fans into avid watchers in the future.

On Twitter Pacquiao announced the fight stating that he is giving the fans the fight that they have always dreamed of, whereas Mayweather posts the date and his hashtag #TMT - which stands for 'The Money Team'.

Arguably these tweets are yet another reminder to the world as to what motivates both of these boxing greats. As you can see Manny Pacquiao is once again showing how humble a man he is by referring to his fans and displaying that he wants to give something back to the fans that have supported him on his journey.

The Fight Card

There are 6 fights that have been placed on the undercard to form the following schedule;

1. Vasyl Lomachenko vs Gamalier Rodriguez

2. Chris Pearson vs El Harrak

3. Jesse Hart vs Mike Jimenez

4. Leo Santa Cruz vs Anthony Settoul

5. Andrew Tabiti vs Anthony Smith

6. Brad Solomon vs. Adrian Granados

Pacquiao during his media session with trainer Freddie Roach

The Cost of Mayweather v Pacquiao

This will be the most lucrative fight in boxing history, but when Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao get in the ring all the thoughts of prize money will go out of the window as the crown for the best boxer of their generation and a place in boxing history will be on the line. All the prize money in the world couldn’t buy them that accolade, making this fight valuable for a number of reasons.

Approximately $300m (£198m) will be split 60/40 in Mayweather's favour

Ticket sales will generate $72m (£48m)

Sponsorships: $12m (£8m)

Pay per view sales could top $270m (179m) - 55-65% shared between fighters

Closed circuit broadcast at bars: $13m (£9m)

Merchandise sales: $1m (£661,000)

Mayweather during his media session with co-trainer Nate Jones

The Paydays

Floyd Mayweather is no stranger to breaking records for his paydays and contracts. According to Forbes Mayweather Jr’s $200 million (£134m) Showtime contract was the largest individual deal for an athlete in all sports across the globe. However, he didn’t just stop at having the richest contract - his win over Saul Alvarez was the highest grossing boxing fight of all time at a staggering $75 million (£50m). It would seem quite fitting that with all this money on offer Pacquiao and Mayweather are going head to head for a diamond and emerald encrusted belt worth $1 million.

Earnings in last fight: Mayweather $32m (£21m). Pacquiao $23m (£15m)

Biggest payday: Mayweather v Alvarez $75m (£50m). Pacquiao v Marquez III $30m (£20m)

Career earnings: Mayweather $420m (£278m). Pacquiao $335m (£221m)

Overall PPV earnings: Mayweather $860m (£569m). Pacquiao: $755m (£499m)

The Venue

Mayweather and the MGM Grand are two things that go hand-in-hand; this is a venue that the American has been associated with throughout his career. In fact, he once declared it as the “Mayweather Gets Money" Grand – in testament to his success at the famous Las Vegas venue.

The MGM Grand Garden Arena has a capacity of 16,800, and this crowd is something that both fighters are accustomed to as it will be Pacquiao's twelfth bout in the MGM ring while Mayweather after this fight will have fought no less than 14 times in what many people call his second home.


Ticket Prices

The cheapest seat to watch this fight will set you back $1,500 (£996) while a seat where the rich and famous normally are spotted will cost you around $7,500 (£4982). The 1,000 tickets that were made available to the general public sold out in less than a minute and we're immediately spotted on resale sites. The remaining 15,500 tickets are reserved for the media, promoters and sponsors, making this one of the hardest sporting events to get a ticket for of all time.

Around 1,000 tickets sold in the first 60 seconds

$150 (£100) to watch on TV in a MGM owned Las Vegas venue

Ticket prices range from $1,500 (£996) to $7,500 (£4,982) each

It is estimated that a black market ticket could cost you $150,000 (£100,500)


The Facts and Figures

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Thanks to Boxing News and Views (formerly Doran's Boxing Blog) for providing us with this infographic.

One last reminder from the Pacman that Floyd Mayweather won't have it all his own way can be seen in this video as he's still as quick as ever.


For those that haven't already seen it here's the official commercial, which we think you will agree gets you up for the Showdown at 5am on Sunday morning here in the UK with the undercard starting at 2am.