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Mayweather v Maidana II: The Lowdown

Every so often there is a boxing match which captivates the world’s attention and on September 13, that occasion has come around again. This time it revolves around Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana, in a bout that resembles the same one that occurred just several months ago at the start of May.

On that occasion, it was Mayweather that came on top following a majority decision. However, there were plenty of controversies within the decision and most believed that Maidana pushed his opponent to limits that no other boxer has breached before. This is the main reason why a rematch has been arranged, although Maidana could not hide the fact that he was impressed with his rival’s decision with a Tweet about the event…

As such, it’s plain for all to see that this is one of the most anticipated boxing matches in months. We’ll now delve into a full preview for the event, taking a look at everything from the history, to the competitors, to the venue.

The History

It’s rare that a rematch occurs within four months of the original, which probably highlights the significance of this fight. Back in May, most people were under the assumption that Mayweather would have little difficulty in dispatching his opponent – after all, this is a man who is unbeaten since making his professional debut in 1996.

As it turned out, Maidana gave his opponent a serious run for his money. Even though Mayweather is regarded as one of the best defensive boxers of all time, even he struggled to cope with the barrage that was sent his way. However, he did survive, and judges noted this. They recorded a majority win by margins of 114-114, 117-111 and 116-112 which not only meant that his unbeaten record was preserved, but also that he was able to claim the WBA welterweight belt from Maidana.

Immediately after the fight Mayweather announced that he would be happy with a rematch and he stuck to his word, resulting in the bout on September 13.

The Venue

Mayweather and the MGM Grand are two things that go hand-in-hand; this is a venue that the American has been associated with throughout his career. In fact, he once declared it as the “Mayweather Gets Money" Grand – in testament to his success at the famous Las Vegas venue. He also happens to live just several minutes away although despite all of these factors, there were some murmurs that the fight would not occur here.

The initial suspicion was that the fight could take place at the Barclays Center in New York – as this is a state in which Mayweather’s own promotional company holds a license. However, it was eventually decided that Mayweather would use his regular promoter, in the form of Golden Boy, so he would be able to compete at his “home" venue. It also means that there are far fewer tax implications, with Nevada’s laws in this regard being much less stringent.

The Finances

It’s impossible to gauge how lucrative this fight will be for both boxers and very little information has been released for the September bout. One thing we do know is that Mayweather was guaranteed $32m from his previous fight against Maidana in May and this was poised to increase based on the number of pay-per-view purchases. In contrast, his Argentine opponent had a guarantee of $1.5m.

Whether or not similar figures are agreed remains to be seen. The fact that more of the boxing community has become familiarised with Maidana means that the immediate assumption is that both boxers will experience more lucrative benefits. However, it’s also worth mentioning that the last fight drew just 900,000 PPV buys – and this is significantly less than some of the other clashes that Mayweather has been involved in. Let’s not forget that this boxer has drawn a total of 13.7m PPV buys since 2006, but the “rematch" factor of this event could at least make it topple the one million barrier which would prove to be financially significant for both competitors.

The Fight Card

At the moment, five contenders have been placed onto the fight card to form the following schedule:

Miguel Vazquez vs. Mickey Bey
Alfredo vs. James De La Rosa
Leo Santa Cruz vs. TBC

Five Fight Facts

It’s already been dubbed the biggest fight of 2014, so it goes without saying there is plenty of hype surrounding Mayweather v Maidana II. To conclude our preview, here are five facts to whet your appetite even more…

Fact #1 – Out of all of the things that could have threatened this fight, it was something as trivial as the choice of gloves which could have caused its cancellation. The two boxers were at loggerheads over Maidana’s choice of gloves, with his opponent claiming that the preferred Everlas MX lacked sufficient padding. It means that again, despite Maidana’s objections, he will be forced into wearing the Everlast Powerlock gloves.

Fact #2 – Should Mayweather beat his opponent for a second successive occasion, his record will stretch to 47 professional wins without defeat.

Fact #3 – Mayweather may have been the resounding favourite prior to the last fight, but Maidana threw no fewer than 432 more punches than his opponent during the bout. In other words, this could be a close one.

Fact #4 – The style of both boxers can be emphasised through the number of rounds they have taken part in. In his last eleven bouts, which dates back to his first title in 2006, Mayweather has fought in 122 of the 134 rounds. In contrast, the aggressive Maidana has boxed 169 round across his whole career.

Fact #5 – There’s no doubt about who holds the most experience, either. When Maidana made his professional debut in 2004, Mayweather had already won thirteen of his fights. The American is seven years older than his opponent.