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Is It Time For A Watch Upgrade? We Look At What Watch Is Best For You

In this day and age a watch isn’t necessarily just for telling the time. Some watches are for fashion, whilst others are for sport and recording heart rates, some are for telling you the altitude and barometer readings and some are even for diving. At we have a massive range of watches for both men and women, however which style and spec is best for you? We take a look:

The Sports Watch

Sports watches are great for recording your workouts and setting goals. These type of watches often come equipped with a heart rate monitor that connects wirelessly to the watch and allows you to keep note of your performance. These watches also make it easier to understand the different exercise zones, for example, for a 25 year old, a heart rate of 125BMP would usually be associated with the aerobic base, perfect for building endurance. High end sports watches also come with GPS, this allows you can track your workout on a map (via a computer or smart phone) so you can compare how you perform on different sections/terrains, perfect for improving your overall performance.

The Adventure/Outdoor Watch

A high end adventure watch often comes feature packed. It wouldn’t be uncommon to find GPS, 3D compasses, barometers, altimeters and much more all packaged in a tough, rugged watch shaped case – Much more than just a time piece! Outdoor watches are perfect for those people that love to be outside in all weathers (they are usually waterproof), especially those people that go far off the beaten track.

The Compass Watch

A compass watch (such as the Timex Expedition E Compass Watch) offers a much more sophisticated, classical design than outdoor watches do. Although they may have less features, they often have a better waterproof rating due to their design. If you require a compass and it's a more traditional style you’re looking for, then you can’t go wrong that with a compass watch.

The Retro Watch

If you want to be transported back to the 1990’s then you’ll be right at home with the digital retro watch. Although they may lack the fancy features of more expensive watches, if you just want to know the time and look good, then a No Fear Retro watch is just what you need.

Sports Band

A sports band is a cheap and cheerful, basic digital watch. If you’re doing activities where you need to know the time but require a light weight watch that you wouldn’t feel too bad about it if it got damaged, than a Sports Band is for you.