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How To Survive The Summer Holidays… For Parents

It’s getting to that stage of the year where every child around is beside themselves with excitement because of the upcoming summer holidays. However, while the kids might be buzzing, most of the parents are in a completely opposite frame of mind. This is the time of year where structure goes out of the window and it takes some crafty ideas, and plenty of perseverance, to make sure the holidays are something to remember for the right reasons.

Bearing the above in mind, here’s our lowdown on how to survive those six weeks and make them as enjoyable as possible for the family.

Kick things off with a meeting

Meetings and children aren’t usually mentioned in the same sentence, but here’s an exception. The start of the summer is the time to find out exactly what your child expects from the next six weeks, and just what you can provide. Find out what trips they’d like to go on, and start to pencil in times and dates that you can manage. You’ll soon start to see that your diary starts to populate and the next few weeks won’t be quite as daunting after all.

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Use the weather to your advantage

Checking the weather forecast every weekend can be another useful tip, and it’s not so you can schedule your washing. If you know that the next seven days are going to be a washout, planning a trip to the local theme park or zoo probably isn’t going to be a smart move. On the other hand, taking a day out to the cinema in scorching temperatures is a bit of a waste of the conditions, so make sure you keep tabs on the weather to ensure that you’re utilising the six weeks as efficiently as you can.

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Never underestimate the power of sport

The government are attempting to encourage sport via whatever means they can at the moment, and you should be looking to do the same in your household. If there ever was an activity that killed two birds with one stone, this is it. It won’t only kill a bit of time and keep your little ones fit and healthy, but it will also tire them out and reduce the risk of boredom as the day ticks on.

The beauty about this period in the year is that there are usually countless local clubs offering new sports for kids to play. Rather than sticking with the usual football or netball, the likes of cricket and tennis both enter the fray as well. Additionally, such sports are hardly expensive, with our selection of children’s cricket gear and tennis clothing making the activities open to all.

Stay social

Taking responsibility on your own for the whole six weeks is pretty much an impossible task, and you will need support from other areas. Offering to take care of your son or daughter’s friends for the day will usually see the favour reciprocated, and it’s these sorts of relationships that parents across the country count on every summer. Making the first move is key here and it doesn’t just make life easier for you, but ask most children and the thing they love most about their summer holidays is spending time with their friends. It’s a win-win.