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How to Look Great when Travelling

thumbnailHolidays are the best way to relax and refresh your whole body. However, travelling can leave you looking tired. Follow our steps on how to look great when you travel so you can look beach-ready as soon as you get off the plane.

Before you travel

·         Use leave in conditioner and tie long hair back- Ensure your hair doesn't dry out or get split ends on the airplane by leaving conditioner in your hair for the flight. Long hair should be tied back in a bobble or hair band to keep it under control.

·         Remember to have a good night’s sleep the night before- It is essential for you to get sleep the night before you flight so you feel refreshed and ready for the journey ahead.

·         Wear loose clothing – Make sure your body has unrestricted blood flow wearing loose trousers and shirts.

·         Layer up your clothing- Put on layers so between the freezing flight chill and the boiling temperatures in the terminals, you can change as many times as you see fit.

·         Moisturise your face and hands- Airplanes are notorious for causing dry skin so ensure you moisturise your skin thoroughly before a flight. Try one of the Lonsdale gifts sets for ladies or men from only £4.

On the flight

·         Use cleansing face wipes- Whenever you feel the need to feel refreshed and before your nap on the plane, use a face wipe.

·         Moisturise- Check for signs of dry skin or chapped lips and treat these areas.

·         Use eye drops- Prevent blood shots in your eyes by using eye drops every so often.

·         Drink water- Drink water to stay hydrated and keep your skin looking fresh during the flight. It is important to avoid caffeine and alcohol as these can lead to jet lag. has Slazenger spring water 6 packs available.

·         Wear support socks- Put support socks on underneath your trousers or tights to prevent deep vein thrombosis. You can also prevent DVT by moving your legs and body every half an hour as recommended by the NHS. The Karrimor flight socks or Dunlop flight socks are ideal.

·         Rest during the flight- Close your eyes or sleep for at least a quarter of the flight to fend off the tired eye look. Remember a Dunlop Beanie Sleeper or Stormlite neck pillow to ensure you have a comfortable nap during the flight.

 Before landing

·         Eat a snack- Replenish your energy stores for the baggage collection and travel to your hotel with a small snack.

·         Brush your teeth- Get rid of the awful morning breath by brushing your teeth.

·         Use face wipes- Freshen up again with the cleansing and beauty wipes.

·         Use concealer- Cover any blemishes or eye shadows using concealer. has a massive range of suitcases and luggage to suit your requirements including suitcase sets, cabin-friendly suitcases and kids’ suitcases. Keep up to date with the latest travel and luggage news with the official Facebook and Twitter pages.