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How To Look Good In Jeans… Whatever Your Shape

Jeans aren’t like the standard wardrobe item; it’s rare that you’ll pop to the shop and immediately find a pair that fits you perfectly. The buying process usually incorporates a lot of trial and error and this is usually because buyers aren’t aware of what style fits their body shape.

Therefore, whether you have an hourglass figure, a pear shape or a petite frame – here’s what you need to look for when buying your next pair of jeans.

The Hourglass Figure

The nature of the hourglass figure means it’s one of the more difficult to satisfy, and the main advice is to look for jeans which hug the curves. Anything that fits to the hips will work well, although in a bid to emphasis the legs a straight style might be the most effective. If you can also place emphasis on finding those jeans that have a high waist the effect can be even more impressive.

The Pear Shape

The basis of the pear shape is that the lower portion of the body is wider than the top half. As such, the overall aim is to condense the bottom half so it blends in with the rest of the body, and ultimately eliminates the “pear".

Fortunately, this is a very easy shape to negotiate. As long as you avoid any jeans with wide legs and place preference on straighter ones, you’ll have no problems in dressing in style.

Long Legs

There’s often a debate amongst long-legged jean-wearers; should this feature be emphasised, or toned down? At the moment, boot cut jeans seem to be in fashion, which manage to flatter the legs but also give the impression that the body has at least some curves.

Wide Hips

Most people with wide hips are immediately under the impression that this is a hard shape to dress for. Again, this is a misconception.

The only style rules focus on buying jeans with straight legs, made out of a lightweight material. The reasoning behind this is simple; your aim should be to make the jeans drape down and ultimately elongate the lower half of your body. Boot cuts are a definite no-no, while try and avoid any flares that place unnecessary emphasis on small parts of the leg.

Petite Frame

While a lot of people seemingly crave the petite frame, it actually arrives with a lot of style guidelines. For example, any sort of cropped jeans should be immediately dismissed, while patterns or any other blemishes are also out of the question as the aim is to create that long, flowing impression.

As such, wide-leg jeans are the way forward. Making sure they are fitted is something else you should consider, as the approach can backfire if you end up drowning in the fabric.