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How to Kick Out the Boredom this Summer!

Summer’s here and the football is over…for now! So, how are you going to live without the beautiful game for 4 whole weeks?

Go and play it yourself!

You don’t need masses of people to enjoy a kick-about; here are a few games we think you will enjoy:

Headers and Volleys

You only need a minimum of three people for this game. Everyone is given a number of lives (the first person in goal gets one extra) and the aim is to score via a header or a volley. Every time the ‘keeper concedes, they lose a life! However, every time a person kicks it over the bar or has their shot caught (cleanly – with no bounces) by the ‘keeper, they have to then go in goal. The game ends when someone has lost all of their lives!


Again, a minimum of three people are needed. You set a target of goals to score and the first person to reach that target, wins! Someone stays in goal until one of the goal scorers has won, then you swap the ‘keeper around for the next game.

Shooting and Set Piece Practice

Take shots at a goalkeeper via a penalty or free kick and improve your technique. Also, take corners and cross balls into the box to challenge the goalkeeper’s catching and your kicking! If there are a few of you (a minimum of four) , assign each player a role – ‘keeper, defender, attacker, assist-maker to make the set pieces more competitive! Be sure to swap around to get a feel for each position and become a rounded player.

Crossbar Challenge

Only a minimum of two people needed for this! The aim is to be the first person to hit the crossbar as many times as your target says. Be sure to have people standing either side of the goal so it’s easier to retrieve the ball!

That’s your lot! I hope these have given you some good ideas to work with and help keep you busy. When playing, be sure to use both feet as this will advance your game and make you more unpredictable to opponents!

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