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Harry Kane Reveals the Secrets to His Success Ahead of Euro 2016

Harry Kane told Forever Sports Magazine: ‘‘I did double sessions at training. If I wanted to do extra work, I’d stay in the afternoon and do extra sessions to work my way into the team. I still do double sessions now. I did a lot of work in the gym to get faster: that was one part of my game I felt I needed to work on. A bit more pace and a bit more power. So I did a lot of lower body work in the gym for that.’’

Even after becoming a Spurs regular he did not let up on his training schedule and continued with double sessions. It’s fair to say there are no shortcuts to the top in football but his hard work has certainly paid off in spades. Kane boasts the statistic of being one of only six English players to score twenty Premier League goals in back to back seasons.

Shooting Tips

Being an England international does not remove the need to practice and Kane is no exception. He explained to Forever Sports some of the practice methods he uses on the training ground to improve his shooting.

‘‘Sometimes I put a couple of mannequins on the edge of the box and do something called bounce balls. You pass the ball against it then it comes back to you, you then take a couple of touches around the mannequins and shoot. Sometimes someone is crossing it in for me. I do loads of different things. Set up some cones to dribble around on the edge of the box, you can simply use what you have to hand.’’ He also states practicing all types of scenarios is important as in a match you can never be sure how a goal scoring chance will be presented to you.

Does Harry Kane think England can win Euro 2016?


Kane recalls he watched England’s past tournaments as a boy and even cried when England were eliminated by Brazil in 2002. Describing himself as a passionate football fan he believes England have a chance in France this summer stating ‘‘I think we can win it. You have to have that mind set, but there are a lot of other good teams in the tournament.’’ He may have a point, going into the tournament England are amongst the favourites and with a team that balances youth and experience, it could be England’s year.

You can see Harry Kane in the Euro 2016 tournament when England’s opening group game kicks off against Russia on 11/06/2016. If you want to show your support for England during Euro 2016, you can find everything you need here.