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Could we see the London 2016 logo appearing soon?

Could the 2016 Olympic Games be wending their way back to London? According to recent press reports this could well be the case. Reports are stating that the International Olympics Committee (IOC) has ‘secretly’ been in talks with London about the possibility of taking over from Rio if they fail to deliver as promised. 
It’s no secret that progress is slow in Rio. Preparation for the 2014 World Cup has been described as a “disastrous process", so it’s understandable to see how a certain level of doubt will be surrounding Rio’s preparation for the 2016 Olympics. Two years is a very short time period to get things right, and with senior officials describing the planning process as the “worst they’ve ever seen", it certainly doesn’t appear to be a very optimistic outlook for Rio.
If these rumours are true, would London be able to cope at such short notice? London has proven itself as a fantastic Olympic venue back in 2012 and with two years to prepare, it’s definitely seems doable. The world has already seen how successful the London games can be, however would the world want to see another? Would the novelty factor of a once in a lifetime event be tarnished by a repeat of an event that happened four years prior? Possibly - But on the other hand, it would be better than no games at all. With the majority of the venues and infrastructure still in place it would make sense, not only for the benefit of the games, but also in the interest of London and the United Kingdom as a whole. 
What are your thoughts on the prospect of 2016 Olympic Games returning to London? Would the excitement and following of the 2012 Olympics still be there? Let us know.