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Best of British Cricket

As the 2015 Ashes is due to start tomorrow (and hopefully England will win the precious urn back from those pesky Australians), we've had a look at some of the most outstanding examples of cricket, demonstrated by England over the years. 

England Winning Series in India, 2012 

In 2012, England secured an historic series win in India, for the first time in 28 years. Despite India being almost untouchable on the field, England refused to back down. Instead, they came home with a 2-1 win, and one of the biggest achievements in decades... nice one, lads.


England v Australia, The Ashes, Headingley, 1981

More commonly referred to as the ‘Botham’s Ashes’, this match was one of the most memorable comebacks from England against their old rivals. Despite bookmakers raising the odds for an England victory before the game was over, England still thought they had a long way to go before securing a victory. Winning by 18 runs however, they kept the precious urn for another year...good game, good game!


Jim Laker’s Unbeatable Figures, 1956

In 1956, Manchester was the setting of cricket history, as the England off-break bowler Jim Laker, recorded the outstanding figures of 19 for 90, - which remain unequalled to this day. Despite Laker and fellow spinner Tony Lock, struggling at the beginning of the game, captain Peter May’s decision to swap them proved the right move, and the Yorkshireman won England the series. Bet he was reyt chuffed.

England Wins The Ashes in Australia For The First Time in Generations, 2010-11 

In 2010-11, the English won The Ashes on Australian soil for the first time since the late 80s, and James Anderson’s 24 wickets were a large reason why. In the end, they beat the Aussies by just an inning and 83 runs. 


Hendrick Leads England to Victory Against Pakistan in 1979 World Cup, 1979 

Going into the final group fixture, Pakistan believed they had a strong chance for victory, but Mike Hendrick had no intentions of letting that happen. Despite the opposing teams opening confidence with 27 runs before Hendricks’s retaliation, they had no chance against his outstanding swing bowling which lead to England winning by 14 runs to going into the semi-finals with an all-win record. Sorry, not sorry.


Gooch Carries England into the Final, 1987

During the World Cup semi-final re-match, England were stuck trying to counteract India’s aggressive spin attack – something, that the English commonly struggled with. But the batsman refused to let the signature move, beat him or his team mates and began sweeping the majority of spinners sent in by the Indian team, out of the way. He swept the nation straight into their second World Cup Final. 


Good Luck England, we're routing for you!