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5 Real Reasons Your Dad Loves To Golf

With father’s day coming up, we expect golf has been high on the present agenda for a lot of you… it’s no secret that dads go mad for an afternoon of clubs and tartan.

But what is it about this sport that has dads going mad? Well, we bet it isn’t just the game that keeps them on the course for hours upon hours, so we decided to explore what it is about the sport that really grips the nation’s dads. 

1) Getting Away From Life’s Stresses

Now, we’re not suggesting your dad doesn't love you, we’re positive he does. But sometimes he needs a peaceful afternoon away from high demands like cleaning the bathroom (he’s left that to you), and being a free taxi service. 

2) They Like to Think They Can Still Go Clubbing

 Eh…Get it? *May contain dad humour* 

3) They Have an Excuse to Dress Atrociously


Seriously, dad?

4) It’s An Excuse to Behave Like a Big Kid

To you they might be ancient, but in their heads they are still eight years old. Racing each other in golf buggies is a perfect outlet for their inner child.

5) For All Those ‘Golf’ Holidays and Weekends They Book Abroad

Aka getting together with the lads to eat, sleep and read in peace.

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