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5 Not-So-Obvious Reasons To Take Your Fitness Regime Seriously

thumbnailWhen anyone talks about fitness, there’s a very good chance that the subject of a “beach body" or “looking good" is going to follow a sentence or two later. For most people, the aesthetic results of fitness training are the primary motivation for undertaking it. However, in reality there are plenty more, with some of them being much less obvious than others.

Through the course of this post, we’ll now take a look at five of the less publicised reasons for hitting the gym and breaking a sweat this summer.

Sharpen your brain

Everyone talks about the ways in which exercise benefits the heart, but another vital organ that it boosts is the brain. Studies have shown that due to the increased blood flow, there is an increased chance of new brain cells being developed. This prompts numerous advantages, including enhanced learning and memory capabilities, as well as a reduced risk of suffering from dementia in later life.

Curb your sleeping patterns

Exercise and sleep have been interlinked for a long time, but usually it’s for the opposite way to what we’re going to say. The general consensus is that a good night’s sleep is required to promote a good sporting performance, but a 2013 poll from the National Sleep Foundation revealed something else. Here it was claimed that the majority of people who engaged in rigorous exercise would not suffer with sleeping problems. In contrast, half of those who didn’t exercise said that they tend to struggle to sleep.

Cut out the bugs

As exercise promotes better health, this benefit might not be as farfetched as some of the others that are listed. It’s understood that anyone who participates in regular exercise will greatly minimise the chances of picking up bugs and other illnesses. However, this tip also carries some warning, as anyone who overdoes it with their training can completely wear down the immune system and actually make themselves even more susceptible to illness.

Please your employer

Whether or not this is going to get you out of bed and onto the running track is debatable. Still, another benefit that isn’t usually attributed to exercise is the fact that it can increase your productivity. This was confirmed in an official study several years ago, with the results showing that those individuals who dropped 2.5 hours from their standard working week and replaced it with exercise, were actually much more productive than had they worked during that period.

Live three years longer

And finally, what better benefit to approach exercise with the knowledge that it could add up to three years more to your life. You don’t have to be a celebrated Olympian to reap such benefits either, with one study concluding that just fifteen minutes of exercise every day can provide you with those illusive extra three years.

So, what are you waiting for? As well as looking good, exercise can give you all of these unknown benefits. Take a look at our fitness section to get your regime started.