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10 Signs the Clocks Have Gone Back

The clocks went back last week (Sunday 26th October 2014, 2am) and this is a sign that winter is truly upon us. Here are 10 signs that show the clocks have gone back:

People asking: “Is that the good one"?

In a way, yes! We get an extra hour in bed. However, everything suddenly turns dark, so maybe it’s not.

Living in a temporary state of not knowing what the time is

It’s difficult to know when you wake up tired and everyone is saying the time is different. This can continue throughout the day, so if in doubt, see what the news says!

Having to change everything with the time on it

It can be a struggle looking for every Watch, Clock and piece of electrical equipment that has the time on it and then having to change it – you may even finds ones you forgot you had. You will look at your Mobile Phone, Tablet or laptop and ask whether it’s already done it for you!

The sun has disappeared

Lunchtime at work or school is the only source of sunlight we will see for the next few months as darkness is there when we wake up and get in. Grab a Torch and revel in the light, or pack your Suitcase and getaway for a holiday!

Staying indoors seems like the only way forward

It can be hard to motivate yourself when all you see outside is cold darkness. However, the dark is a good condition for Running because you are likely to have the streets to yourself! Don’t forget to wear Hi-Vis clothing so nobody bumps into you.

Turning every light on and lighting every candle

Energy companies love this time of year because we crave the warm feeling of light. Save energy by only lighting up the rooms you are in and maybe light a few Candles to save energy. If you feel a bit frivolous, a Lava Lamp will be a nice addition to any room.

People calling you up or knocking on your door at 5pm leads you to say “who is calling at this time"?

5pm feels like midnight and any form of outside contact can feel immediately intrusive. However, you’ll look at your clock and realise that this is normal. 

Eating everything as you enter a state of hibernation

Going out in the dark and any form of movement seems like such a hassle, so the cupboards are constantly raided. Try and keep motivated to exercise during the winter as you’ll be able to enjoy all of the sweets and chocolate with fewer consequences! Cycling and playing Football are very popular and can be done in teams. If you would rather stay in, get some Home Gym Equipment and feel the burn.

Halloween and Bonfire night are the big events over the next few weeks

The thought of two events that encourage bright colours is exciting, so get your Halloween Costumes and Fire Starters ready for the big days!

Christmas feels that little bit closer

You've already asked whether you can play Christmas music yet. Well, maybe not until late November, but it’s your call! If you need a bit of alone time with the festive tunes, grab a pair of Headphones and enjoy! Christmas will soon be here, so don’t leave your gift shopping until the last minute. Find everything you need for the winter season at 

We hope you enjoyed the list and if you can relate to any of it, let us know in the comments section below, or find  us on Facebook and Twitter