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10 Products you wouldn’t expect to find at

Although is known predominantly as a sports shop, you might be surprised to discover that we stock an immense range of non-sporting goods, ranging from simple household items to children’s toys. In an attempt to raise awareness of our unconventional but wonderful range of non-sporting products, we have compiled a list of 10 items that you wouldn’t expect to find at These include:

  • 1) Android Tablet – Tablets are the in thing at the moment, however have gone one step further and made entry level tablets affordable. At only £65.00 for a 7 inch dual core tablet running JellyBean, you can’t really go wrong.

  • 2) Bingo Dobber – BINGO! Everybody loves bingo (admit it, deep down you do), so what better way to celebrate your love for bingo than with a set of bingo dobbers. At 99p for 2 branded pens, it's insanely good value.

  • 3) Megaphone – “IS IT ON?!". Even if you have absolutely no use for a megaphone you can’t help but be tempted into buying one, especially at only £5.00 (Preorder price).

  • 4) Tools – Screwdrivers or spanner sets aren’t things that you would expect to get from, but it just goes to show how broad our range of products are.

  • 5) Jumbo Fun Ball – It’s Jumbo, it’s fun and it’s a ball… it’s a jumbo fun ball! An amazing garden game for children and (small) adults alike! Definitely check this one out.

  • 6) Steam Mop – A steam mop? At Sports Direct? Yes, you read that correctly.

  • 7) Coffee Machine - Coffee anyone? Now you can be your very own barista, right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Yes, an unusual item for a sports shop to sell, but it's still incredibly useful and at a great price.

  • 8) Razors - Football team branded razors make a great novelty gift for the football mad individual in your life. A little unorthodox for, but a great product nonetheless.

  • 9) Garden Bench - When we talk about our fantastic range of outdoor equipment, most people tend to think of walking boots and rain coats. But no, we also have garden furniture on offer too!

  • 10) Meditation fountain - Shopping doesn’t have to be stressful, at least not with a meditation fountain! might be the last place you’d be looking for such an item, but worry not, for we have a great range in stock.