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10 Products you wouldn’t expect to find at

thumbnailAlthough is known predominantly as a sports shop, you might be surprised to discover that we stock an immense range of non-sporting goods, ranging from simple household items to children’s toys. In an attempt to raise awareness of our unconventional (but wonderful) range of non-sporting products, we have compiled a list of 10 items that you wouldn’t expect to find at These include: [More]

Did You Know: 5 Interesting Facts On Pyjamas


For most of us,  they’re just clothes we climb into bed in. However, as strange as it may sound, pyjamas don’t have to be the boring garments that are left under our pillow every morning. As the remainder this next post will highlight, there are several interesting facts and figures in relation to this item of clothing – ranging from their history right the way to people wearing them in the workplace.


Taking Up Horse Riding

thumbnailIn 2012, London hosted the 30th quadrennial Olympics in which equestrian was one of the sports involved. Great Britain came away with 2 gold medals in the individual and team dressage, a bronze in the individual dressage, a silver in the team eventing and another gold in the team show jumping. The Olympics had a huge influence on adults and children alike and has since inspired hundreds of people to take up new sports such as horse riding.

Music, Instruments and The World Cup: Brazils Answer to The Vuvuzela

thumbnailIf there’s one thing that people will remember from the 2010 FIFA World Cup (besides the crushing disappointment that was England Vs. Germany), it’ll be the Vuvuzela. Despite having annoyed millions of football fans around the world with their constant hum, the vuvuzela has lived on as a symbol of the South African World Cup and will probably be associated with football for a long time to come. [More]

Fishing for Beginners

thumbnailSo you want to start fishing? Fishing is an ancient practice known for its stress relieving, thrilling and social benefits. However, as fishing has very specialist equipment, it can be hard to learn the basics. Have a look at our fishing for beginners guide on how to start fishing the easy way.