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Mayweather v Pacquiao: The Lowdown

The most eagerly anticipated fight of all time is almost here and to get you in the mood for it we’ve got every stat that you could possibly want to know. Like many of us in the office were sure that this fight will get all the boxing fanatics dusting off their old gloves and make a lot more of the casual fans into avid watchers in the future.


Mayweather v Maidana II: The Lowdown


Every so often there is a boxing match which captivates the world’s attention and on September 13, that occasion has come around again. This time it revolves around Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana, in a bout that resembles the same one that occurred just several months ago at the start of May. Here, we scrutinise the fight in detail.


What Type Of Boxer Are You?

thumbnailAny seasoned boxer will have undoubtedly heard the phrase that “style makes fights”. Whether you watch the sport professionally, or if you just head down to your amateur boxing club once in a while, you’ll soon realise that most players have completely contrasting styles – and this makes the sport. Bearing this in mind, how would you class your boxing style?