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An Introduction to the 143rd British Open – Hoylake

thumbnailThis year the 143rd British Open Championship graces the perfectly maintained fairways of the Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake, Merseyside, a seaside town in the Wirral. Much like last years Open at Muirfield (and the 141 British Opens before that) on the 17th July the worlds top golfers will tee-off in an attempt to win the Claret Jug and also the huge prize pot of £975,000! [More]

Wimbledon: The Tournament Of Technology

thumbnailTennis and technology was a taboo topic several years ago, and the bleep of the net was probably the most advanced thing that you would come across. Now, ahead of the 2014 event, this has all changed. The game has become full of gizmos and gadgets that are aimed at both improving player performance, and also the spectator experience [More]

Top 5 Indoor Activities for a Wet Weekend


The British weather is temperamental, there’s no denying that, especially in summer. One day it could be 24 degrees and sunny, and then the next cold, drizzly and dull. When the kids are off school in the summer holidays and the rain clouds appear on the horizon, it’s time to get creative to keep the kids from getting bored. Thankfully we at have come up with 5 fantastic indoor activities to get you through those miserable days:


Is It Time For A Watch Upgrade? We Look At What Watch Is Best For You

thumbnailIn this day and age a watch isn’t necessarily just for telling the time. Some watches are for fashion, whilst others are for sport and recording heart rates, some are for telling you the altitude and barometer readings and some are even for diving. At we have a massive range ofwatches for both men and women, however which style and spec is best for you? We take a look: [More]

Summer Footwear for Men – What’s best for you?


Summer is the perfect time to let your feet breathe. When the sun is high and the temperature is hovering around the mid-20’s your feet don’t want to be locked away in a bulky shoe, let them free with a pair of sandals, flip-flops or maybe even a canvas shoe. Surprisingly there are a huge range of summer styles to choose from for men, we take a look at some of the top picks:


10 Products you wouldn’t expect to find at

thumbnailAlthough is known predominantly as a sports shop, you might be surprised to discover that we stock an immense range of non-sporting goods, ranging from simple household items to children’s toys. In an attempt to raise awareness of our unconventional (but wonderful) range of non-sporting products, we have compiled a list of 10 items that you wouldn’t expect to find at These include: [More]

Summer Style: Hats and Caps

thumbnail Everyone is eager for a scorcher of a summer, and if the headlines of a “Summer Heatwave” are anything to go by then we had better get prepared! We Brits enjoy the sun, there’re no arguments there. In fact we probably enjoy it a bit too much, which is why hats and caps are an important part of your get-up! Check out our top picks inside:  [More]