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How To Wear Bright And Bold Leggings

thumbnailLeggings are a staple garment of many peoples wardrobes and nowadays you will find shops full of weird and wonderful designs. With such bold and in your face styles it’s easy to clash outfits and struggle to compliment colours when there are so many to choose from! Here is’s guide to wearing bright and bold leggings: [More]

Child Obesity in the UK

thumbnailChild obesity is an ever growing problem within the UK. High percentages of both young children and adolescence are being recorded as overweight or obese in recent years. Lack of physical activity and bad diets are key factors contributing to the worrying numbers of obese youngsters. is taking a look at some of the facts and figures surrounding this issue and here you will find invaluable advice to helping your children stay fit and healthy. [More]

Taking Up Horse Riding

thumbnailIn 2012, London hosted the 30th quadrennial Olympics in which equestrian was one of the sports involved. Great Britain came away with 2 gold medals in the individual and team dressage, a bronze in the individual dressage, a silver in the team eventing and another gold in the team show jumping. The Olympics had a huge influence on adults and children alike and has since inspired hundreds of people to take up new sports such as horse riding.

Top 5 SS14 Jackets

thumbnailAs we head into Spring/Summer 2014, take a look at the hottest trends in coats and jackets for this season. It’s time to store our winter coats away, until next year and invest in a lightweight, versatile coat to suit the changeable weather we’re likely to see this summer! [More]

The World Cup History of the 3 Lions

thumbnailThe ‘Three Lions’ are synonymous with England and the England National Football Team, having first appeared on the Royal Arms of England during the reign of Richard the LionHeart. The three lions have successfully survived the test of time, and along with the George's Cross, now represent England in sporting events all over the world. [More]