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How To Look Good In Jeans… Whatever Your Shape

thumbnailJeans aren’t like the standard wardrobe item; it’s rare that you’ll pop to the shop and immediately find a pair that fits you perfectly. The buying process usually incorporates a lot of trial and error and this is usually because buyers aren’t aware of what style fits their body shape.
Therefore, whether you have an hourglass figure, a pear shape or a petite frame – here’s what you need to look for when buying your next pair of jeans.


Did You Know: FA Cup Final Countdown

thumbnailIt’s one of the most exciting and traditional days in the football calendar, so it’s no surprise to see that there is plenty of anticipation ahead of the FA Cup final this weekend. It’s a fixture involving two teams that few people expected to reach this stage, with Arsenal gunning for their first trophy since 2005 while Hull are the firm underdogs having only just returned to the Premiership twelve months ago. We’ll now look at ten interesting facts that are associated with the game, and could even play a part in the result.


Did You Know: 5 Interesting Facts On Pyjamas


For most of us,  they’re just clothes we climb into bed in. However, as strange as it may sound, pyjamas don’t have to be the boring garments that are left under our pillow every morning. As the remainder this next post will highlight, there are several interesting facts and figures in relation to this item of clothing – ranging from their history right the way to people wearing them in the workplace.


10 Intriguing Facts About The Europa League Final

thumbnailThis Tuesday sees the UEFA Europa League final take place, with Sevilla and Benfica both bidding for glory. While this competition is sometimes overshadowed by its big brother, the Champions League, let’s not forget that some of the biggest clubs in the world have lifted the trophy – with Chelsea being the most recent. In the build-up to the final, here are ten interesting facts to get your juices flowing ahead of kick-off at the Juventus Stadium. [More]

5 Not-So-Obvious Reasons To Take Your Fitness Regime Seriously

thumbnailWhen anyone talks about fitness, there’s a very good chance that the subject of a “beach body” or “looking good” is going to follow a sentence or two later. For most people, the aesthetic results of fitness training are the primary motivation for undertaking it. However, in reality there are plenty more, with some of them being much less obvious than others. Here, we’ll take a look at five of the less publicised reasons for hitting the gym and breaking a sweat this summer.


Put A Sock In It - 4 Sock Trends That Are Back In Fashion

thumbnailThey might rarely be on show, but socks have been governed by some of the strictest style rules that the magazines offer. The stylists are full of tips on what you can and can’t do with your feet and for a long time, the best advice was to stay simple and disguise them as much as you possibly can. However, the rules have changed somewhat over the last few years, and certain styles have made a miraculous return to fashion.