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Top Tips For Getting Your Kids On Their Bikes This Holiday

thumbnailRead up on some tips and tricks on how to teach your children to ride and get them out on their bikes this summer. This includes some helpful hints on safety tips as well as non threaten techniques to help the teaching process go smoothly. As well as some helpful link to where you can get good quality, reasonably priced bikes, accessories and safety equipment for you and your children this summer.


Is There Any Such Thing as a "Home Kit" Advantage?

thumbnailFootball pundits often like to talk about the home advantage, and how a team playing at their own ground immediately holds the upper hand. Some take the philosophy a little further and look at the success of a team in their home or away kit – and this is where the next post on our blog comes into play. After analysing all 380 games of the 2013/14 Premier League season, we see just how much of a role away kits really do have.


5 Great Activities to Keep Your Child Busy This Summer

thumbnailWith the days getting longer and the weather heating up, it can mean only one thing – the Summer holidays are nearly here! Whilst your little one might barely be able to contain their excitement, the holidays can understandably be a stressful time for parents. Luckily, here at we have come up with our five best garden activities to keep your kids busy without breaking the bank.


Skate Your Way Through the Summer Holidays


As part of our Summer Graduate "Talentbank" scheme this year, we're bringing you the #SummerSurvival guide to help you and the kids defeat boredom without breaking the bank. Over the next 6 weeks we'll have tips and advice on days out, activities and gear which will help keep the kids active in both body and mind- without costing the earth! First up is Natalia who has fond memories of learning to skate in the sunshine!...