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Why do the Great North Run?

thumbnailLate last week on the 15th September, the Great North run took place in Newcastle Gateshead. The half marathon had a spectacular turn out of over 41000 runners along with spectators covering the 13.1 mile course. The race took participants across the iconic Tyne Bridge and onto the picturesque coastal finish in South Shields. 


Badminton: The Low-down from a First Timer….

thumbnailAs part of the #summerofsportsdirect this year, our blogging team have been doing some field reporting on a whole range of fitness activities that get your blood pumping and your body active. Each week we’ll be bringing you the lowdown on the different sports we’ve been trying to help give you a feel for what to expect when taking part. This week Emma headed onto the Badminton court for the first time since school to see if she still had the skills! [More]

Travel Essentials Everyone Forgets

thumbnailYou know that niggling feeling when you may have forgotten something on the way to your luxurious summer holiday. It annoys you all the way from home until you get on the plane where the missing item suddenly dawns on you. You have forgotten the essential travel adapter, charger or sun lotion. You will remember to bring your travel essentials this summer using our guide.


Fishing for Beginners

thumbnailSo you want to start fishing? Fishing is an ancient practice known for its stress relieving, thrilling and social benefits. However, as fishing has very specialist equipment, it can be hard to learn the basics. Have a look at our fishing for beginners guide on how to start fishing the easy way.