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The Holiday Shop is Here!

thumbnailIt’s that time of year again; everyone is already in holiday mode and shopping for the perfect resort and beach outfits is all part of the fun! We had a nosy through what’s on offer this year and picked out our faves to keep you cool and looking hot on holiday this season! [More]

5 Not-So-Obvious Reasons To Take Your Fitness Regime Seriously

thumbnailWhen anyone talks about fitness, there’s a very good chance that the subject of a “beach body” or “looking good” is going to follow a sentence or two later. For most people, the aesthetic results of fitness training are the primary motivation for undertaking it. However, in reality there are plenty more, with some of them being much less obvious than others. Here, we’ll take a look at five of the less publicised reasons for hitting the gym and breaking a sweat this summer.


Put A Sock In It - 4 Sock Trends That Are Back In Fashion

thumbnailThey might rarely be on show, but socks have been governed by some of the strictest style rules that the magazines offer. The stylists are full of tips on what you can and can’t do with your feet and for a long time, the best advice was to stay simple and disguise them as much as you possibly can. However, the rules have changed somewhat over the last few years, and certain styles have made a miraculous return to fashion.


Taking Up Horse Riding

thumbnailIn 2012, London hosted the 30th quadrennial Olympics in which equestrian was one of the sports involved. Great Britain came away with 2 gold medals in the individual and team dressage, a bronze in the individual dressage, a silver in the team eventing and another gold in the team show jumping. The Olympics had a huge influence on adults and children alike and has since inspired hundreds of people to take up new sports such as horse riding.

Music, Instruments and The World Cup: Brazils Answer to The Vuvuzela

thumbnailIf there’s one thing that people will remember from the 2010 FIFA World Cup (besides the crushing disappointment that was England Vs. Germany), it’ll be the Vuvuzela. Despite having annoyed millions of football fans around the world with their constant hum, the vuvuzela has lived on as a symbol of the South African World Cup and will probably be associated with football for a long time to come. [More]

World Cup Wildcards - 5 English Players Making A Late Dash For The Plane

thumbnailFollowing a turbulent Premier League campaign, Roy Hodgson’s 23-man England squad is looking different by the week. Some pundits are suggesting that he will play it safe and select the ‘old favourites’, while others are hinting that he could take the plunge and include some of the younger players who have taken the top flight by storm. In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the younger options that are being touted as potential wildcards.


Top 5 SS14 Jackets

thumbnailAs we head into Spring/Summer 2014, take a look at the hottest trends in coats and jackets for this season. It’s time to store our winter coats away, until next year and invest in a lightweight, versatile coat to suit the changeable weather we’re likely to see this summer! [More]